Using Our Store Finder

Click the Store. Finder link at the top of the page
Once you have reached the store finder page, you can click the link on the map and get the details of our locations near you.

To schedule an installation or request a quote, please visit our Start My Project page.
Once on that page, select the type of installation or service you are looking for and you will be taken to the page specific to the type service you chose.
On the top of our various service pages are links to schedule installations or measurements as applicable.

After you finalized your order, you should have seen an Order Confirmation page. If you saw that page, the order was successfully submitted. If you did not see that page or don't remember it, the next way to know your order was successful is through the email confirmations that you will receive.

To cancel an order, please contact Sheetal Color Centre as soon as possible.If your order has not yet delivered, we will immediately refund your payment. If your order has delivered, we will refund your payment as soon as we have received the item(s) back from you and processes them at our warehouse, within next day of purchase.
(Note : If order cancelled after delivery - Transportation and Load / Unload Charges will be applicable.)