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About Princess Jasmine

Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan and his wife. The Princess lives in the lavish palace along with her father and Rajah(tiger), her pet tiger that Jasmine found several years before the movie begins. Jasmine is the rebellious and independent princess of Agrabah, a Middle Eastern kingdom ruled by her father, the sultan. The future sultana had obligations to her kingdom as she was kept in a closed palace surrounded by outdated laws. Consequently, Jasmine was treated like a sheltered object that couldn't make her own decisions; she desperately wanted to break free from these societal constraints so she could live freely.
Disney Princess Jasmine Coloring Sheet (Magic Lamb) -
Disney Princess Jasmine (Magic Lamb) 1943x2723
Princess Jasmine printable coloring page -
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Princess Jasmine was confined to the palace within the walls of her royal home. She wasn't allowed to leave the palace due to laws within her kingdom that prohibited her from interacting with her subjects. This led to her feeling suffocated by the laws, which forced her to meet many prospective husbands. Because of this, Jasmine didn't have any true friends aside from Rajah and yearned to see the outside world. This eventually led her to meet Aladdin when she desired an exit from her sheltered princess life.
Princess Jasmine Magic Lamb Coloring Page 7 -
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Princess Jasmine as Real Girl coloring Page -
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Pretty Jasmine coloring -
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Princess Jasmine and Prince Aladdin on Flying Carpet coloring page -
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Princess Jasmine and Rajah coloring page -
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Free Printable Jasmine and Birds Coloring Pages For Kids -
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